AboutKnopper.Net Consulting

Who we are

KNOPPER.NET IT consulting was founded in 1998 by Klaus Knopper, focused on customer specific, specialized Open Source solutions and relaying of know-how as well as development of innovative software tools.

What can we do for you?

KNOPPER.NET supports you actively in development and operation of stable and high quality software solutions based on GNU/Linux and Open Source, and assists through consulting and information transfer in interconnectedness and upgrowth of your enterprise. We also aid in analysis and optimization of your software projects as well as data rescue and conversion.

How to reach us

Together with Klaus Knopper, several freelance software developers are working together at KNOPPER.NET on individual IT projects. Using the contact form, you can contact us by email, phone or postal mail. On our web pages about various topics, you can find the corresponding contact address at the footer line of the page.

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