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KNOPPIX at the Hannover Industry Fair 2019

This year not on Cebit, but during the Hannover Industrial Fair (1.-5.4.2019) at the booth of Hochschule Kaiserslautern / Rheinland Pfalz, Hall 2, booth B40, Klaus Knopper is presenting the→ new version of Knoppix.
USB flash pens brought by the visitors can be installed for free with KNOPPIX directly at the booth. → More about the Knoppix filling station...

Virtual Knoppix Conference 2018 at Linux-Magazin

Since there was no Open Source Forum on last years Cebit, Linux-Magazin in cooperation with Klaus Knopper has put together a series of Videos about Knoppix 8.3 (german language only) as online conference, including tips and tricks.

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