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Under Feedback, you can send bug reports or feedback with no answer required. Under questions, questions about KNOPPIX (and other products of KNOPPER.NET) can be asked. You may want to visit the KNOPPIX-Forum first, to see if your question has already been answered. For requests that require a quick answer, support questions or commercial requests, please use the support item (EUR 60,--, see above). Solutions requested by this item may also be charged for, according to our price list.

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If you are a customer of KNOPPER.NET, you may find your customer-ID on a recent invoice.

For KNOPPIX-related questions or feedback:
Please state the builddate here, as shown in the KNOPPIX-bootscreen. Without this number, we cannot answer any question about your CD, and your feedback or bug report will probably be useless. Also, if you want to report a peripheral device that is not autodetected yet, please send the PCI vendor- and product IDs of the specific card in your comment above (shell commands: lspci; lspci -n).
If you have an older version of KNOPPIX (2 months or more), please check availability of a new version prior to sending a report.


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